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Acaboom - Bob
Valuer Introduction

A professionally designed client pre-appointment presentation is sent to the client which focuses on introducing the valuer and promoting them in their best light, along with supporting and useful information.

Acaboom Valuer Introduction
Pre-appointment client & property data

All the pre-appointment research you need is automatically collated and available in one place.

  • The property’s last sale date and price
  • Publicly available online valuation results
  • Google Map / Street View links
  • Client social media snapshot
  • EPC (coming soon)
Acaboom Pre-appointment Client Data
On the appointment
A high quality bespoke client presentation

A personalised interactive client presentation, with on-market and sold comparables plus an overview of market trends and analysis, communicates the key reasons to instruct your agency over a competitor. Additionally, it helps deliver uniform key messaging across your organisation.

  • Acaboom Slide
  • Acaboom Slide
  • Acaboom Slide
  • Acaboom Slide
Post appointment
A tailored marketing proposal for the client

The client’s presentation, supported with a bespoke marketing strategy, provides an impressive market appraisal submission.

Acaboom Tailored marketing Proposal
Real time insights

Each time your client views their presentation you receive a notification. This not only allows you to follow-up at the best moment but it is also means less time is spent with unsuccessful follow-up attempts.

Acaboom Real-time insights
Client Update Market Reports

Keep your clients up to date with regular reports highlighting changes in the market that directly affect them – for example price or status changes to comparable properties you have discussed and new similar properties coming to market.

Acaboom Client Market Update Report

Why use us

OK, so Acaboom lets you know your clients likes, dislikes, hobbies, and views to help build that all important rapport; gets your USPs across better than ever before; and lets you know the best moments to follow-up, and have good reasons to do so. But there’s even more...

It’s easy to use - personalised client presentations are created quickly and easily.

It helps build trust - even greater professionalism and market knowledge is conveyed with comparables and market overview graphs incorporated within slides.

Flexibility – easily customised to suit individual valuers and teams.

Simply put... it helps you win instructions.

Acaboom iPad

About us

We know estate agency inside out with some 30 plus years industry experience, both on the "front line" and then delivering some of the most successful technology based services used within the industry today.

Since launch, Acaboom has quickly been embraced by many of the industry's leading and award winning estate agencies who range in size from single office independents through to larger groups providing their services across multiple counties.

It's not only a very clever software solution that adds value to your offering but it's run by people you can trust to deliver a high quality service, and enjoy doing business with.

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